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ATS Resources History

We have worked with the hearing loss community for over 21 years. Having started out as a relay service for the state of New Mexico, Relay New Mexico handled hundreds of calls each day for anyone who might have a hearing loss. Realizing there was a need for assistive hearing devices, NMRN opened a retail store called ATS Resources in 2008. We have grown quickly and offered products online through our comprehensive website. ATS Resources now provides thousands of products to people everywhere. We just opened our Low Vision and Cognitive/Learning Aids department and are now offering new items. We are committed to comprehensive customer service through our quality care and expert knowledge in hearing, vision and cognitive/learning loss solutions.

ATS Vision

If you have vision loss or age-related eye disease, we have a variety of electronic or video magnifiers that are sure to help.  Many electronic magnifiers are referred to as CCTVs, which originally stood for “closed circuit TV.” These “video magnifiers” use a small camera to capture an image (newspaper article, book, etc.) and then magnify the image on a computer or other type of electronic screen.

Cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and retinitis pigmentosa affect more than 70% of seniors over the age of 80 and 1 out of every 28 people over the age of 40. Magnifies can be portablestationary or handheld and will expand the quality of independent living.

The most common features that will distinguish one magnifier from another are illumination, text color options, and magnification clarity.

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