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Top Insights From 2016 Minneapolis Cyber Security Summit

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The advancements in the various fields of technology have improved the lives of many people around the globe. Nowadays, there are already significant innovations that have contributed to improving the way people do work or handle their business. Unfortunately, the presence of technology is not all great because there are instances wherein your data can be breached or compromised. This lesson is what I learned during the 2016 Minneapolis cyber security summit.




In the said summit, I learned the different ways on how you can keep yourself safe while enjoying the perks of technology. If you want not to become a victim of cyber security attack, then be sure to familiarize yourself with these:


Change Your Password Regularly


When choosing a password to use in logging in to the Internet, be sure to think of something that is not obvious. Create login details that are difficult to guess. Moreover, you need to make it a habit to change your password regularly to ensure that it will not be compromised.


Think Before You Click


When accessing a website or visiting a webpage, it is essential for you to be wary of pop-ups and links. As much as possible, do not click on these items if you do not understand what they mean. Keep in mind that most viruses and hacks can be made by the mere act of clicking an untrusted link.




Be Discreet In Sharing Information


One of the things that you must always remind yourself is the importance of being careful in sharing your information to the public. Keep in mind to be cautious about what you will post online, especially if the information is something that must be kept confidential. Do not post everything online to protect yourself.


As long as you know how to follow some of the tips mentioned above, then you can get a guarantee that you will not suffer from cybersecurity hacks or attacks.



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