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The 2016 Columbia National Cyber Security Awareness Month Tips

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The 2016 Columbia National Cyber Security Awareness Month encourages everyone to get involved and participate. Since we are now living in a generation where technology is a necessity, it is also vital that we learn new techniques in keeping our data and identity safe from any harm. Yes, there are tons of virtually helpful tips that we can follow to increase cybersecurity. Here are some of the reminders we should consider.


Never Send Sensitive Information On Any Unsecured Website

There may be times that we need to communicate with other people through the use of different websites. However, we need to openly understand that the messages we send can be potentially tampered. Therefore, it is way more practical if we don’t send any sensitive information over an email. Same goes to any means of social media communication.

Don’t Click On Any Unsecured Link

Though this one’s maybe tempting, it’s better not to do it. Clicking an unsafe link will only get us in trouble. Some people might already know this type of scam, but there are still others who unintentionally do it. If you’re not at all confident in opening a link, then surely never try clicking it. Type the address on the website for double checking in case you find it illegitimate.


Never Ignore The Obvious Signs

There are genuinely apparent signs that can tell us when someone is trying to get a hold of our details. For security purposes, we need to understand the warning signs that tell us that our account is getting compromised. In most cases, there’s the misspelling of words, grammatical mistakes, no acknowledgment of our name, often includes our email on the subject line, and insist on the need for urgency in verifying the account.

Always remember that technology might be helpful, but it can also cause security issues. So if unsure, then do not engage.

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