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Discussions On Social Media Security Threats From The 2016 New York Cyber Security Summit

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The 2016 New York Cyber Security Summit introduced a lot of interesting concepts the centered around online security. One of these focused on social media and the dangers that come with it. You might think that only big businesses need to secure their accounts online. That’s far from the case. Even laypersons who use social media account for fun need to be wary of threats.

Here are some threats that were brought up:


  • Fake Or Dummy Accounts


It’s easy for someone to click the “Sign Up” button on any site and then input fake details. They could use a fake name, a fake address, and even a fake photo.


Fake accounts like these try to gather information by connecting with different people from big organizations, like show business, the government, and even the military. Be wary of these kinds of accounts. What you can do it make sure that you know the person before clicking “Accept Friend Request.”


  • Information Leaks


Be careful with your account name and password, especially if you have sensitive information stored there. Anyone who can access your account also has access to that information and could leak it to the public.

For example, your chats with other people aren’t accessible by anyone but the parties involved. However, if someone manages to open your account, they could take photos of controversial things you’ve said in chat and post them publicly.


  • Malicious Links


Hackers post codes or links on social media sites with enticing captions to trick users into clicking them. These codes or links lead to malicious websites that can extract information from the device that the person is using.


A person who accesses sites like these through a work computer could be the cause of leaked corporate information. Be careful with what you click! This is only a fraction of the discussion in the 2016 New York Cyber Security Summit. Even so, it’s important to take note of these to ensure your safety online.

See you next year!

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