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Ideas To Remember In The 2014 Los Angeles Cyber Security Awareness Month

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The campaign for the 2014 Los Angeles Cyber Security Awareness Month is all about public information. It wants people to know the importance of security so they can follow simple steps in protecting their possessions and themselves. Throughout its vast campaign, the cybersecurity month also wants the community to stay active in highlighting different themes which involves information, shared initiatives, online programs, and aspects of cybersecurity.


Themes To Consider For The Awareness Month

Mobile device safety is one of the leading advocacies of the awareness month. Since a lot of people are into the convenience of gadgets and mobile phones, the required added security feature is a must. Along with that is the data privacy issue. That is why experts must collaborate with technology companies to push information safety. Since there are a lot of victims from phishing, there’s a need for added protection to online data.

There’s continual learning provided in the event. These include the prevention of the vast amount of cyber threat, technological transformation in the working environment, the digital revolution of business, streams of security reinforcements, and techniques for skill development. It is a month that gives a better chance of providing public specific information on how they can secure their personal information.


A Campaign For Reliable Resources

The advocacy of the awareness month doesn’t limit its potential to information technology. It also focuses on digital literacy where a set of skills are essential for the evaluation of shared information through the web. But since this problem takes a big chunk of most of the organizations’ effort and time, the identification of the mitigating risk should become its priority.  That’s because every people’s data is valuable. The bank information, personal photos, work-related files, social media interaction, and exchange of messages, all of these become interesting for cybercriminals that want to use and exploit it.

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