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The Incompetent Side Of Social Media

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Social media is a topic that makes people often get quite worked up. Some people demonize social media and somehow praise those others who quit. Then others acknowledge social media as a fantastic tool for social interaction, community services, and personal development. However, this article is not about trying to convince you that social media is nothing good and that everyone should quit. It is preferably a personal view of how social media affects an individual.


What Usually Happens

Do you find yourself compulsively checking social media? Well, I have. Perhaps you already have a problem, but don’t notice it just yet. Wasting lots and lots of time every day around Facebook, Youtube, Snapchats, Instagram, and other social platform is a sign that I am not getting something out of what I am doing. I might never know, but the consistency of scrolling down my phone is very much addicting. Therefore, instead of doing valuable activities that my family and I can enjoy, I choose the less fruitful action of wasting time on social media. Honestly, I am not accomplishing something in my life with that.


When There Is No Control

I know that some people think why I can’t just control it. You see, there’s this misconception about quitting on social media that brings an outcry to others. They somehow feel that when a person stops using and feeding himself to the dependency of these platforms, they become out of the ordinary. I understand, and I can see where they are coming from. However, it is also vital that people should understand the essence of social media. It is designed to be addictive. Admittedly, it’s not really about connecting and involving one’s self into something. The platforms are merely used as a tool to stop communicating instead.


The Different World

Thanks to those who discover and innovate the internet because it takes an extensive scientific approach to master it.  With the help of technology, we now have a better and comfortable life. We evolved into doing things more conveniently, and that’s what makes the technology more and more useful over time. Everything we want to know is just a click away. However, since “everything” seems to be so accessible, we now suffer working on the hard ways. As for me, I admit that I solely won’t allow losing access on the internet. I need it, and I want it. That’s because it’s the only place that I can be whoever I want to be.

What I Learn

It’s true that social media is affecting our ability to think, learn, and focus. That is because our brain loves too much attention. And every time we receive it, there is a release of dopamine that brings different positive emotions. Because of the feeling we get, we want to keep using those platforms. From there, we strengthen the addiction in our body and brains as we continue to repeat the cycle. There are likable things about social media. However, we shouldn’t close our eyes on its negative impacts.

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