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Top 6 Things To Never Share Online

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The presence of the different advancements in technology has allowed people to communicate easily with one another. Before, it was difficult for several individuals to get in touch unless they plan to meet up personally. However, things have changed in the recent years because two persons can already get updates about each other’s lives by directly calling each other over the phone or checking their social media accounts.


Undeniably, the availability of social channels allowed people to bridge the gap brought about by the physical distance between them. While this may be advantageous or beneficial for many people, it can also be dangerous because having an online account can lead to a security breach or identify theft. This should become a primary concern for everyone. For this reason, it is best for you to limit whatever you will share on the digital world. As much as possible, avoid sharing these things online:


Full Name

When creating an account online, be sure to avoid entering your full name. Avoid including the middle name since some sites require it for verification purposes. Others may want to steal your online identity. Do not make it easier for them by displaying everything on your accounts. You can also use an alias account if you value your online security that much.


Complete Birthday

Some websites also use birthdays to verify the identity of users. This is the primary reason why it is essential to hide the year of your birth date. Providing the month and day is okay. However, if you want to be more secure in the online world, avoid displaying your birthday at all. Aside from this, never use your birthdays in creating passwords because others may guess it.


Bank Transactions

Avoid showing off to the public that you are getting large deposits in your bank account. It can cause some troubles and put your life in danger. Keep in mind that many people online have negative agenda on their minds. Once they notice that you have significant savings on the bank, there is a high possibility that they will think of taking it away from you.


Credit Card Details

Just like bank transactions, you should also be careful in sharing the information on your credit card. Do not take a photo of the said card and upload it online. When you do this, then be prepared to receive unauthorized purchases in your next billing. Nowadays, people can already buy items online through the use of any credit card even if they do not own it.


Residence or Personal Address

Unless you are doing business in an office or establishment, be sure to avoid posting the full location of the place where you live. It is for the safety of everyone in your family. You will never know if someone wants to rob your house or steal your prized possessions. To be safe, do not display your residence or personal address.


Flight Details   

Are you going out of town in the coming weeks or months? Do you want to tell everyone about it? Feel free to post a short update about it to your online friends. Just be careful not to share your flight details. Failure to do this can put you in a compromising situation. You may have a stalker online who can follow you to your place of destination without your knowledge.


Be selective in what you will post in your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media accounts. Remember that a lot of people can have access to this information. Keep yourself safe at all times by thinking twice before clicking the “update” or “post” button.

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